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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  December 28, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

10:00 pm this is fox 5 news at 10:00. off the top tonight, a deadly crash involving a metro bus. the collision sent area people to area hospitals. thank you for joining us, i'm wisdom martin. >> and i'm shawn yancy. let's take a look at the scene from sky fox. we'll take you to rockville pike in bethesda, maryland,
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where this accident scene played out north of the nih campus. you can see investigators are still on the scene there tonight. it looks like a wrecking truck has attached the bus to it and getting ready to pull off. we should also let you know that rockville pike is shut down in both directions. fox 5's audrey barnes is live with more details about what happened today. audrey. >> as you said, that accident reconstruction team is still here. they have to determine how a southbound pickup truck wound up in the northbound lanes of rockville pike and collided with a metro bus. and impact so great that bus went off the roadway and slammed into a tree. >> securing some loose items around his home in the wind when the metro bus went on to the property next door. police say at least ten passengers and a driver were on the j9 bus heading north to lake forest mall. when a southbound pickup truck hopped the median and slammed
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into them. >> all the people in the bus screamed. >> no sign of life from the pickup driver. >> i see if he is breathing, no breathing. then i say he's gone. >> 11 people were evaluated for injuries. the most seriously hurt was the metro bus driver. the 13 year veteran had to be cut out of the bus. he was air lifted to the hospital for treatment. rockville pike was shut down for hours during the investigation. >> we did confirm that there was a fatality involved. because of that, as was standard operating procedure. our reconstruction unit was called. they have responded to the scene and they will be investigating this collision. >> so besides the fatality, it appears the metro bus driver was the most seriously hurt tonight. rockville pike is still shut down and we can see that the truck, the pickup truck that was involved in that fatality. it was moved about 10 or 15
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minutes ago. they also have hooked up the metro bus now. we have seen some movement with it, but it is still on the scene, although we expect it to be moving shortly. shawn, back to you. >> you said rockville pike is still shut down. any idea when it will reopen? >> reporter: i did just speak with one of the officers who is working traffic out here. he believes that the scene should be clear within the next hour or so. that's just an estimation. but as we said, that metro bus has been hooked up to a tow truck. maybe there will be better progress than that to report. >> audrey, thank you. a quick reminder, here's a live picture right now out that scene on rockville pike. you can see the accident scene what was going on there. to another deadly accident. this one in northern virginia. investigators say 89-year-old cecilia eck of manassas was trying to make a u-turn. the pickup driver and a passenger were hurt and treated
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at the hospital. both are teenagers. police say no charges will be filed. new tonight, you won't be able to raise a glass at the third edition this new year's eve. the popular georgetown bar and nightclub had its liquor license suspended on friday after being sited for failing to check id's and serving minors. third edition will be closed from tomorrow until january 3. anyone who purchased new year's eve party tickets in advance will be contacted. another big story we're following tonight at 10:00, d.c. raking in millions of dollars in parking fines. a new report says the district is making more money than ever by writing 5300 tickets a day. fox 5 has the details. >> it's not cheap or easy to park in d.c. these three ladies had to search through their purses to find enough change to park for a quick lunch. >> parking is difficult. the change is difficult. >> don't let the meter run
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out. it seems like enforcement officers are everywhere these days. we found this team on connecticut avenue wednesday handing out tickets and generating revenue for the district. >> they are setting all types of revenue records from parking. parking has become big business in the city of washington. >> john with aaa says take a look at the numbers for yourself. his research shows d.c. made $80.4 million in parking tickets in 2010. the year before, $70.7 million. townsend says for 2011, d.c. is on track to make even more money. >> it's a way to make money. a way to compensate for the short fall in the budget. >> speed cameras are also making big bucks. this is a brand-new one on calvert street northwest. last week on wtop, mayor grey received a call from a man who was upset over how expensive d.c. speed camera tickets are
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compared to maryland. >> i can't do the comparison, but one of the thing that was suggested, don't speed in either jurisdiction. >> it's clear no one likes getting a ticket, but some understand why d.c. is handing out so many. >> because they have to get money somewhere to keep things running. i don't know that i have a problem with it. >> by the way, there are 226 parking enforcement officers working in the district. aaa believes the number of tickets being issued could be reduced greatly if the district government would provide more public parking. in the newsroom, matt acklin, fox 5 news. well, if you have to head outside tonight, bundle up. here's a live look across from the u.s. capital tonight. we have a strong breeze whipping through our area, causing temperatures to drop. let's check in with gary mcgray di mcgrady in the weather center. >> the winds are beginning to die down and quite drastically
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so. that's allowing the temperatures to plummet outside in the suburbs. i checked the max gust speed today at national. it was 38 miles per hour. that was really one of the highest in the area. that has calmed significantly. as a matter of fact, if you look at the wind speed around, most of locations in our western suburbs are calm right now. the skies are fairly clear. the numbers are really dropping. the only gust right now are just basically to the east of us, leanardtown gusting to 16 miles per hour. stevensville down to 16 miles per hour. they were gusting higher than that earlier. so things are getting a lot better out there. at least in regard with the wind. now, here in town, the windchill is 32 degrees. the actual temperature right now is 36 degrees. in gaithersburg, it's a little bit of a breeze there and it feels like 20 degrees. you saw there in our south
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western and western neighborhoods, the windchill is not a factor since the winds are calm. so overnight tonight, here's what we know. generally clear skies. it looks like by tomorrow morning, even before sunrise, we'll get a few clouds out there. not so breezy and very cold out in the suburbs. i think out there, lower to mid 20s, especially since the winds are lightening up. here in town, a low of 30 degrees or so. winds only out of the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. we'll talk about the holiday weekend coming up and some of these numbers that i'm going to show you for highs look pretty good and next week, first week of 2012, looks like it's going to be very, very cold. wisdom. >> thanks gary. the republican president rnl candidates are just six days from learning who will win the first real votes in the race for the white house. with no clear front runner, the iowa caucuses seem to be up for grabs. tom fitzgerald has the story.
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>> last week's decision not to allow rick perry and newt gingrich and other gop candidates on the virginia ballot is causing new revelations to come out. rick perry has now filed suit against virginia in u.s. district court that suit challenges the constitutionality of the commonwealth ballot requirement. in virginia, candidates must submit 10,000 signatures, including 400 from each of the state's 11 congressional districts. perry's campaign says it is too restrictive. ron paul and mitt romney were the only major candidates to meet those requirements. now newt gingrich today said that 1500 of his signatures were boarded after being fraudulently collected by a paid campaign worker. originally he compared failing to get on virginia's ballot as his own pearl harbor for which mitt romney responded in this
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manner. >> what do you think of speaker gingrich not getting enough? >> um, you know, i think you compare that to pearl harbor. it's more like lucille ball at the chocolate factory. you have to get it organized. >> for his part, newt gingrich has been taking criticism for mitt romney who he called a massachusetts moderate the other day. romney has been now hammering gingrich on the fact that saying gingrich work was far too many liberals when he was speaker of the house. gingrich fired back on his own saying he actually got things done. >> i was effective. i actually got the deal done. it wasn't 112% pure. but it worked. we had a liberal democrat decide welfare reform, we have a liberal democrat deciding tax cuts. we have a liberal democrat signing balanced budgets. >> this virginia ballot issue is not going away.
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gingrich has already said that he will try to launch a write- in campaign to get on virginia's ballot. that might prove difficult. write in candidates are not allowed. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> not only is the economy a central issue, it may be a contributing factor to some sobering news about the nation's police force. we'll explain that ahead tonight. also, bold burglars caught on camera. also ahead. >> everybody needs a little help sometimes. i'm beth parker. coming up, i'll tell you how one area county is assisting first time home buyers. really making it possible for them to get in the door. and tonight on the news edge, there's a new push to move the redskins corporate head jury present quarters out of virginia and maryland and d.c. are going head to head in a battle force. the details tonight at 11:00. 
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u.s. park police say good- bye to one of their own. funeral services were held for sergeant michael payne. he collapsed on duty earlier this month while trying to help a man who had fallen or jumped from the key bridge. he later died at the hospital. payne was a 19 year veteran of the force. he was layed to rest with full honors and a cemetery in fairfax, virginia. >> funeral services also were held in northeast d.c. this afternoon. for a man shot and killed by a prince georges county police officer. rodney edwards was killed on december 17 on green leaf road in palmer park. police say edwards was lying on the ground when an officer approached. edwards sat up and pointed a gun at him and the officer opened fire. edward's family wants the shooting investigated. they don't believe he had a gun. some sobering statistics about the nation's police force. fatalities rose sharply. 173 federal state and local
10:16 pm
officers were killed in the line of duty during 2011. earlier today, i talked to craig chairman and ceo of the memorial fund to find out what he thinks is behind the rise in fatalities. >> i think we have a problem with budget cuts decimating across the country, were cutting their training dollars, equipment dollars, cutting manpower at a time when we are asking police officers to take on a more cold-blooded brazen criminal element and we have seen in recent times. we are also asking them to fight a war on terror here in the home land and all of that means they need the best possible resources to do their jobs effectively and safely. we're not giving them those resources and i'm afraid that is leading to greater risk for our officers on the street. >> a combination of things. is there a thought to the theory that the economy may be an underlying factor? resorting to crime to stay afloat. could that be attributing, could that also be causing the
10:17 pm
spike in officer deaths? >> there's a lot of troubled people out there. the economy has taken a toll on all of us. some of the troubled people are blaming government, blaming authority figures for their problems. who is the most visible and vulnerable symbol of government? it's our law enforcement professionals. some of that rage is being against officers. killing cops simply because they are police officers. >> certainly we know that officers risk their lives every time they put on their uniforms and leave the house. we have heard you talk about what you believe are some of the problems and causes. is there any plan right now to keep those numbers low or to reduce some of those numbers? >> we are calling a summit on january 26. we are hosting a meeting along with the department of justice, getting a number of law enforcement leaders together to get our head around this problem. certainly the attorney general made this one of his top priorities and one of the goals is to get tougher with the
10:18 pm
worst of the worst criminals. there's a handful of criminals out there that are most likely to not only prey on citizens, but to assault and assassinate police officers. let's put them behind bars for longer periods of time. >> whatever it takes to keep you guys safe. we appreciate your service and sacrifice. chairman and ceo of the memorial fund. thanks for coming in. >> thanks. >> more maryland teenagers are facing arson charges in a string of fires in urbana. the 16-year-olds stole marine flairs and used them to set two garages and a wooden deck on fire. all four have been released to their parent's custody. the charges will be referred to the state department of juvenile justice. police in cheverly, maryland, are looking for a handful of burglars who have been breaking into homes in recent months. this surveillance video shows one of the break ins that took place on november 18. the burglars are stealing electronic devices, cash, and
10:19 pm
credit cards. another surveillance tape shows one of the suspects tried to sell one of the stolen computer. police are asking anyone who recognizes this man to give them a call. >> what a difference a few weeks make. burglars broke into restore in frederick, maryland. the thieves stole $3500 in cash. they were tools. since that burglary, the community has rallied around the store and tried to replace what was stolen. >> basically what's happened in the last few days after people found out about the break in, we have had people walk in off the streets, making donations. we have had people call on the phone to want to know how they can send donations in and it's very encouraging for us here at the restore. >> the store's manager says one donor offered to secure. police are looking for the person responsible for the break in. >> it may be a few days late, but a maryland family got an
10:20 pm
impressive gift. as beth parker shows us, it will be worth it, every dime. >> it's 2,000 square feet, three bedrooms, four baths, but this is something numbers can't explain. this is the american dream. >> it was just like the beginning of something great. >> yes, the beginning of something great. and it's been a long time in the making for mildred and her family after a lifetime of renting, mildred is a homeowner. >> is this nothing like having your own? >> and it would not have been possible without help from a prince georges county program called my home. >> what we do is assist them with a down payment or closing cost or combination. >> the program focuses on first time home buyers. it requires eight hours of housing and counseling and some money down. many of the homes have been in foreclosure. if they sit empty, that hurts
10:21 pm
everybody's property value. eric brown heads the housing and community development. >> this is part of our strategy. we want to deal with foreclosures. we want to stabilize neighborhoods. >> this is the dining, living area. >> while her brother and dad unpack, the daughter has already claimed the basement. >> my own privacy. i like to talk on the phone. be quiet or my music too loud. >> mom says don't worry, she'll be in the kitchen cooking her favorite southern foods. >> it's going to smell really good in here. >> mildred knows food and numbers. she's an accountant. so she understands the value of homeownership. >> it's yours. it's something you worked hard for. you can leave it to your children. >> next year, there's more money set aside for the, my home program. they want to get as many people as they can into houses. if you're interested, visit our
10:22 pm
website, >> we are watching a developing story. we will break down the standoff with iran that could affect how much you pay for gas. also ahead tonight, snubbed. what the skins linebacker, london fletcher has to say about not making it to the probowl. s an rc robotic claw.
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in the newsroom now with dave feldman, our sports guru. the probowl, they announced who was in the probowl. redskins were upset who wasn't on that list. >> you need to win to get a lot of people in. so the niners are having a great year. they sent eight. patriots sent eight. >> winning teams. >> ravens good year, seven. >> nice. >> and the redskins have five wins, zero. mike shanahan upset about it.
10:26 pm
upset about lorenzo alexander. upset about brian, but most upset about london fletcher. london is a guy that has been there before. always as an alternate. 36 years young, still plays like he's a teenager. the nfl's leading tackler with 163. two interceptions, 1 1/2 sacks. also never missed a game in 13 years. but he has been an alternate ten times for the probowl. played in the game the last two years. unlike 2008 when he was snubbed. fletcher took this year's snub less upset. >> you know, the thing is, i am probably disappointed for an hour or two. i was disappointed for an hour or two when the results came out. but after that, kind of be thankful that i'm playing at a high level. that people still consider me worthy of the probowl. >> you have to look at film and you know london played at a
10:27 pm
probowl level all year. he is deserving. gives you an idea. when you win five games and still first alternate. that means a lot of people are voting for you, but no question in my mind. >> after he was the first alternate, i'm not supposed to announce. he was so upset. he wasn't supposed to act snubbed. since that has happened, let us know that he also was the first alternate and lorenzo was an alternate. >> and they still could go, you know, just someone has to pull out or get sick. but there's no question london fletcher deserved to go. >> did shanahan say anything about rex grossman? >> none of us asked that question. >> we'll have to work on that. >> yeah. >> all right, let's go back to you, shawn. >> thank you guys. coming up next, a developing story in the middle east
10:28 pm
tonight. the standoff with iran that could affect how much we pay at the gas pump. also ahead, the local man jailed in cuba gets a special holiday visit, but is he any closer to coming home? we'll be right back. it's the perfect time to find great deals on the 4g lte devices you love. like the droid bionic by motorola for $199.99.
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but we still need your signature. right now during sign then drive, it's never been easier to get the all-new passat, the 2012 motor trend car of the year, for practically just your signature. that's the power of german engineering. visit a second memorial for kim jong-il is underway right now. for the solemn tribute. at another memorial service, mourners lined streets as a black hearse carried through the capitol. >> in a sendoff, north koreaen dictator was given a state funeral today. north koreaens packed to watch the first carries his coffin along with vehicles carrying a portrait of him. the general's son and successor
10:32 pm
was front and center of the proceedings. at times bowing his head. at times saluting. today seemed to be as much about him as his deceased dad. the transfer of power continued. >> you are seeing the son right there. >> the army chief. kim jong-il says today was also about the people flanking the young kim, including his uncle and top army brass. the real power behind the 20 something leader. >> he's not leading that country. he will eventually. it's the old men, his father around him. >> foreigners were not in attendance, but some were watching closely in next door south korea. here at the main train station, the funeral is playing out on several tv screens. most people here are busy getting from one place to another. some are stopping to watch the proceedings and to think about what's happening. >> kim jong is so
10:33 pm
inexperienced, it could be a big problem. and this man says south korea has to clang its approach to the north or there will be problems in the future. no doubt worrying more in the south, which had its share clashes with the big military presence today. it was a salute to the emphasis the late kim jong-il placed and a warning there could be more combat ahead. south korea is open to talks. fox news. the potomac, maryland, man jailed in cuba for two years got a special visit. gross is in good spirits. although disappointed he was not among the 3,000 cuban prisoners given amnesty last week. gross is serving a 15 year prison sentence. he's accused of supplying cell phones and communication equipment to jewish people in cuba. jewish leaders say he appears to be in good health. developing news from the middle east where tensions are
10:34 pm
rising between the united states and iran. iran is threatening to shut down the strait, a key passage way for oil, if the united states slapped new sanctions on iran. that thread could dramatically alter gas prices all around the world. fox's jennifer griffin reports. >> threatening to close the strait, the persian gulf nation. the waterway at the mouth of the persian gulf is the main passage for six of the world's oil supply. military analyst says they could close it down, but not for long as the fleet is right there. >> iran is flexing its muscles and threatening because the one thing it fears is if it doesn't get its oil to market, then it has a major economic problem at home. >> spokesman warning quote, anyone who threatens to disrupt freedom of navigation in an international strait is clearly outside the community of
10:35 pm
nations. any disruption will not be tolerated. the threat of instability causing oil prices to go above $100 a barrel. saudi arabia is offering to help make up the difference if iran's oil differences are stopped. >> so saudi arabia, probably can't compensate. even if some of that libyan oil comes on, that probably can't compensate. >> iran's navy is in ten days near exercises. the exercises could bring its naval vessels into contact with the u.s. navy. but a spokesman for the fifth fleet says so far the interaction has been professional. in washington, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> women across the country standing up for their rights. to find out what sparked a nurse in that spread to our area. plus, chaos erupts in the mall of america. why a rumor may be responsible for sparking the fight. first, here is liz mcdonnell.
10:36 pm
>> america is beginning to feel the squeeze at the pump again. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded now up in six of the past seven days. that's reversing a city trend of falling gas prices. a gallon now costing you $3.24 a gallon. meantime, online shoppers are demanding satisfaction and speaking their minds in a new survey on the best and the worst online shopping experiences. the bad, discount retailer bring up the rear for customer satisfaction. at the top of the list, amazon posting the highest ratings for the 14th straight time. and the economy still got you down? how about a free coffee to perk you up? mcdonald's restaurants across northern california serving up small cups of joe. no word if the free coffee plan will spill over to other
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following breaking news in bethesda, maryland right now. one of the southbound lanes of rockville pike has reopened. the road was shut down in both directions for hours following a deadly crash. a pickup truck hit a metro bus in the northbound lanes right near the nih campus this afternoon. the collision killed the bus driver. police shut down the pike in both directions for the investigation. we are just getting word that a second southbound lane reopened up down there. again, two southbound lanes there on rockville pike now open. we will keep you posted on the latest there. there's a different type of
10:41 pm
protest happening at a target store in springfield, virginia today. about a dozen nursing mothers staged a demonstration inside the store. target employees allegedly harassed a mother trying to nurse her baby at a houston, texas store. word got out through facebook and a nationwide protest against target was organized. the springfield store where today's protest took place has not had any problem with nursing mothers. >> the mom who organized this gathering called and talked to the manager and let her know we were going to be here. not that we had issues here. >> guests are free to go anywhere within our store to nurse their babies. we would send them or request they use our fitting rooms. >> about 100 groups staged protest in 35 states today. >> chaos and confusion at minnesota's mall of america yesterday after word spread
10:42 pm
that rappers drake and little wayne were in the mall. 30 officers were called to help out with mall security. help them with crowd control after a huge fight broke out. it was one of the largest fights they have ever dealt with. >> certainly people filtered behind us and upstairs. you know, we didn't have the resources to effectively push everybody out of the mall. >> we saw a bunch of people come at each other and then we saw some fists fly. people started going after each other and i saw a chair get thrown at a girl, hit her in the become of the head and she fell to the ground. >> in the end, nine people were charged with disorderly conduct. no word yet on the source of that rumor. coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00, could the redskins be on the move? there's a push to bring corporate headquarters and the training facility to d.c. or maryland. we have a closer look. and we're staying on top of that deadly metro crash.
10:43 pm
we'll take you out to the scene for the latest developments.
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new year's eve is three days away. if you haven't picked up that bottle of bubbly, you're in luck. earlier today, i spoke with steve bellman from paul's liquor for a bit of champagne 101. >> it's nice to be here and we're going to start with sparkling wine. there's a difference between sparkling wine and champagne. champagne is sparkling wine, but all sparkling wine is not champagne. rule of thumb. first of all, they use chardonnay grape. it's on the lighter side, but nice and dry. great for mamosas. also this from italy. very festive; most popular sparkling wine we have in the store today. all under $15. great values. >> if i were a drinker, i would be for that. >> any questions from you?
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we are going to let you explain. i'll hit you with questions at the end. >> this is from new mexico. they produce a brute and a pinot to get a blush color. this is my most popular seller in this price range. it's fantastic quality. fantastic bargains. >> okay. >> next is from france, but not champagne. the pinot. excellent quality. if you don't want to spend the $35 to $40 for french, fantastic. >> last three over here. >> this is from california. this is probably the top california sparkler. all white grapes, white wine. outstanding. in the $25 to $30 range. >> okay. >> then we go to the real french champagne. >> high end. >> the high end, not real high end, but high end. number one name in champagne.
10:48 pm
outstanding value. number one seral in my store in terms of champagne. >> i have heard of this one. >> and they use chardonnay grape and blend them together and they come from different vineyards. probably the number one name in champagne that also produced this, which is the very high end. >> okay. >> chardonnay grape, outstanding value. >> now we only have 30 seconds left. you have a wine tasting coming up? >> coming up this friday night from 5:30. tasting mostly french champagnes and we want everyone to come by. no charge. >> and get some ideas. >> first thing is, come in with a budget, what you want to spend. we have something in every price range in many styles that will suit your taste and budget. >> and answer all their questions. >> 100%. >> thanks very much for coming in. happy new year. >> now we know. preparations meantime for the
10:49 pm
big time square new year's eve bash continue today. the workers unveiled the number two that will light up for 2012. they put the number in place. there it is. times square has been one of the biggest new year's celebrations in the country. more than a million people are expected to attend. >> i'll tell you what, if you have ever done that in your life, you have done it once. it is amazing. at 2:00 in the afternoon, you have to walk like this. >> well, our hotel was over looking the area. i stepped outside and stepped right back in. i wasn't in the mix of everything. >> you were above everyone else. >> it was freezing and i had on a cocktail dress. >> i'm giving you a hard time. >> i'm not going to allow it. it was nice of you to stay out of it. >> given the opportunity, wisdom hijacked the show at this point. >> tell us how good he looked. >> always comes back to me. >> i think, and i didn't specifically look at new york,
10:50 pm
but i think that the basic weather up there for times square, my microphone is on. >> we're having audio trouble with gary. >> talk real loud. >> they hear me at home? >> there must be a mechanical problem with my microphone. put up the weather graphics and we'll talk about them so i don't lose all my time dealing with this technical issue. i tell you what, it's cold out there right now. the temperature, the relative humidity is 44%. let's see, what number is this? turn on wl1 and we should be in good shape. and then we have winds out of the northwest at 5 miles per hour. behind the scenes here at channel 5. no, they don't want to see what's going on. my floor director, matt, matt might need to hold my
10:51 pm
microphone for me. 36 degrees here in town. quantico is 36 degrees. dulles, the temperature is sitting at 31. real colder for hagerstown. and i suspect with these winds dropping off tonight, the way they are, some of these numbers out here this evening will really be dropping off. if the skies remain relatively clear, okay? windchill values pme except for they have gustiness up there. they feel like 19 degrees now. feels like 32 here in the city and gaithersburg is 30 degrees. fredericksburg feels like it's 27. so it's chilly out there this evening. especially with the wind. it's calming down overnight tonight. we did have some snow coming off the lakes. that is subsiding a little bit. see the cloudiness out here? this will move into our area for tomorrow and that's going to help to increase the clouds. high pressure out west and we have the storm track running
10:52 pm
now a little further north. with that storm track on top of us, we'll have these fast moving storms. fast moving storm systems coming across to at least for the next couple of days. it's a mixture of clouds and sun. it does look like for this holiday weekend, things are shaping up pretty nice. 51 degrees on saturday with good amounts of sunshine. on sunday for new year's day, temperatures almost mild, certainly for this time of year. that's 10, 11 degrees above normal with a high temperature of 54. i think sunday night into early monday morning, we could have some showers. we're expecting this breezy evening to continue, but the winds have subsided quite a bit. it will be cold, especially out in the suburbs. chilly conditions here. we'll start off tomorrow morning, i think, we are with a little bit of sunshine. cool in the suburbs and through the day tomorrow, we'll lose some of that sunshine behind clouds in temperatures will steady out in the lower to mid
10:53 pm
40s. not nearly as windy as what we've had today. friday, new year's eve, not new year's eve. saturday is new year's eve, 51. looks dry and nice saturday night and that includes times square. and then on sunday, new year's day, 54. so a really nice holiday weekend. next week it looks like we'll get the coldest air we've had so far this season. >> but it's january, so you know. >> supposed to be cold. >> thank you gary. >> everyone could hear me. >> we can hear you now. >> coming up next, from charlie sheen's rants to arnold's love child and anthony weiner's twitter trouble, we're looking at the most memorable scandals of 2011. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge, jeep, and chrysler dealers. 
10:54 pm
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10:55 pm
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10:56 pm
it's been quite a year when it comes to scandals. some made us laugh, others made
10:57 pm
us cringe. a look back at the top scandals of 2011. >> 2011, a year of scandals ranging from the silly to the sickening. there were plenty of surprises and some ugly shocks. >> charlie sheen claimed he was winning. but he looked like hollywood's biggest loser after hurling vile insults at his bosses. arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver, their 25 year marriage terminated. after arnold admits fathering their housekeeper's son. d.c. competing with hollywood in the sex caycapades. anthony we'der resigns. forme democratic presidential candidate, john edwards. and republican candidate, herman cain suspending his presidential campaign after denying sexual harassment
10:58 pm
allegations and infidelity. and in new york, a hotel maid accused the head of the monetary fund of attempted rape. prosecutors later dropped the case, calling the woman not credible. scandals raged far beyond he said, she said. in operation fast and furious, federal agents lost a thousand guns they intended to trace, from their illegal purchase in arizona until they reached drug cartels in mexico. two lost guns were found in arizona where a u.s. border patrol agent died in a shootout. eric holder called fast and furious deeply flawed. mistreatment of our war dead. for years, the air force was cremating partial remains and dumping the ashes in a landfill with families never knowing. all part of the mismanagement at the mortuary in delaware. crime and punishment.
10:59 pm
hedge fund manager sentenced to 11 years in prison. the record for insider trading. >> i would like to say one sentence. this is the most humble day of my life. >> a media giant under fire. rupert murdoch shuts his news of the world, the paper accused of hacking the phones of celebrities, politicians, and the voice mail of a murdered teenager. the parent company of fox news. assistant basketball coach, bernie fine is fired after some men say he molested them as boys. fine says he is innocent. and jerry sandusky, the former penn state football coach charged with sexually abusing a number of boys he says he was mentoring. head coach, joe paterno and other top officials forced out for failing to alert police after an assistant says he told them he believed he saw sandusky molesting a child. stay with fox 4-rbgs the latest


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